How to Manage Anxiety and Panic Attacks

Panic Attack

A panic attack is a feeling of intense and sudden anxiety. Panic attacks can consist of some physical symptoms that include nausea, shaking, feeling of disorientation and irregular heartbeats.

The panic attack symptoms are not harmful, but it can be very scary. They can make you feel that you will have a heart attack or die. Many of the panic attacks may last from five minutes to half an hour. Read more

The Causes of Panic Attacks and How To Treat Panic Attack?

Panic Attack

Panic attack occurs when a person experiences overwhelming anxiety and fear. The victim’s heart pounds, so it becomes difficult for him to breathe. One may feel like he wants to die or he’s going crazy.

If not treated quickly, panic attack may cause heart disorders and other health problems. If this happens, the victim may be forced to withdraw from some essential life activities. Read more

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