Does The 8 Hour Workday Still Work?


The industrial revolution brought about the 8-hour workday. This was meant to cut down the number of hours employees had to endure while working in industries. This was 200 years ago. This practice has some relevance with what we do today but the entire concept does not work in the society we live in. The labor law requires that we work for 8 hours every day.  A study has established that the length of work day is not important.  What matters most is how you actually structure your day. People who take short breaks were found to be more productive than those who work for longer hours. Read more

The Best Ways to Improve Your Productivity


We live in the most fascinating time period in history. There is nothing in this world that is not accessible to us in case we want to put in the hours to learn and research.  That is all between us and what we wish in life.

Due to technology in this modern era, we have to confront the everyday distractions. You may try the five productivity hacks to get to the technology to the greatest extent so that we can make the finest use of our lives and get effectiveness in the best possible manner. Read more

Time Management Skills: The Most Efficient Ways to Increase Your Productivity

productivity & time mangement

Are you feeling too much exhausted with a great deal of workload? Do you want to have more tasks on hand than you have time to do them? Do you want to utilize your time in an effective manner to finish all the tasks?

The basic aspect is to make your tasks organized and utilize your time in an effective manner in order to get the things done every day. This may assist you to lessen your stress and do the work in a nice manner at your workplace. Read more

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