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Understanding and Using Nutritional Facts Labels

Understanding how to use nutritional facts is important because it can be used to help choose foods that are good for your health. Of course there are many reasons that make people to have a look at food labels. One of them is to know how to actually make use of information and eat healthy.  The information on the label will show dietary information including fiber content, sodium, fats and other important content.

Serving Size

This is the most important aspect you need to consider. The label   will always have a section showing the serving size you should have. The serving size is important because it helps to compare the foods that will be served.  Ideally, the servings are provided in familiar units such as pieces, cups, metric amounts or the number of grams.

The size of serving determines the amount of nutrients and calories to be consumed. Look at the number of serving in the food package. You need to always ask yourself how many servings are present in the food package. You also need to ask yourself how many servings you are consuming and the number of calories and nutrients present.

The number of calories in the serving

Calories refer to the amount of energy you get from each serving. There is a recommended number of nutrients you need to get in each serving. The label has the calorie section which helps to manage your weight. Your portion amount determines the number of calories you actually consume.

For instance in a serving of macaroni and cheese, you are likely to get 250 calories. If you ate two servings, then you would be consuming 500 calories. Generally, when you look at the facts label, you should be able to get a rough idea about the amount of calories available in the diet. When the amount of calories is stated as 40, it is considered low. When it is 100, it is thought to be high while 400 calories are thought to be too high. When you eat too many calories per day, it leads to obesity and overweight.

When you look at the upper section of the label, it will show you the key nutrients that will impact on your health. They are separated into two groups: Sodium, cholesterol and saturated fat.  The label will indicate which nutrients need to be limited. For instance if you eat too much fat, cholesterol, saturated fats, transfers, sodium it increases the risks to certain chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, cancer  and heart diseases.

The label will also have a section that tells you to ‘’get enough of ’’. The label displays the amount of Vitamin C, Fiber, Iron, Vitamin A and the amount of Calcium it contains. These areimportant nutrients and should be eaten in large quantities. Unfortunately, most people do not get enough of these nutrients.  A person who does not get enough calcium is likely to suffer from osteoporosis.  This is a condition that leads to brittle bones when one ages.

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