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Healthy Foods: Is Black Tea Good For Your Stomach?

Black tea has got immense benefits. It is prepared  from the same plant as green tea. The leaves of black tea are made to ferment prior to getting processed. This alters the type of flavonoids they have. Two of the active flavonoids in the tea are theaflavin and thearubigin. Both of them can give you great health benefits. There are certain digestive benefits to black tea.

Black tea has got some anti-inflammatory properties that may assist in lessening of the painful symptoms of Crohn’s disease. It has got some antioxidant properties that can assist in repairing and soothing the digestive tract linings.

It can help in regulation of the digestive enzymes such as llipase and amylase and that may assist the patients with conditions like pancreatitis. It has a great deal of water and tea can assist in digestion by keeping one hydrated.

There is a great risk of suffering from a heart attack. They may lessen the risk of ovarian and some other types of cancer, high cholestrol and kidney stones. It may enhance the metabolism of the body and assists in agility and energy.

Black tea consists of caffeine. Caffeine is something that many people want to make them get pepped up and get them all throughout the day. Caffeine is one thing that you need to carefully see in case you tend to have stomach upsets.

There is an increase in the acid production in the stomach due to caffeine. It acts like a diuretic and can increase the symptoms in case there is existenc of an irritable bowel syndrome.

You need to be aware that besides other digestive issue, a great deal of caffeine may lead to some unnecesary side effects that include anxiety and headaches.

Black tea consists of compounds known as tannins and provide the tea with a bitter flavor and it may cause an upset stomach or nausea. Research exhibits that for several people, 200 or 300 mg of caffeine is absolutely safe. This may be between four to ten cups each day.

In case there are some stomach issues or if there is prevalence of pregnancy, it would be good to speak to your doctor first.

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