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How Emotions Can Affect Your Skin Health

Did you observe that when you are feeling reallly stressed or depressed your skin is breaking? Is acne, psoriasis or hives the reason for this? Mental health and skin health are associated with completely a new branch of science called psychodermatoloty.

Psychodermatology is the science of study of emotions and their harmful impact on the skin. There is the mix of fields of dermatology, psychology and immunology. These concentrate on the diseases that are not visible.

The basic concept behind all this is that the skin responds to the internal and external stimuli by generating some of the flare-ups.

The association between the skin, immune system and the nervous system is called neuro immuno cutaneous system. There are some nice treatment plans like counseling, medication and therapy.

Due to stress, there is some production of cortisol which is the stress hormone. Cortisol enhances the production of oil in the skin. The skin that is oily makes it possible for you to get acne and pimples.

If there is stress psychology, it may lead to worsening of the presence of proriasis. This disease is caused due to pain, redness and inflammation. The patients who have got psoriasis can feel a very bad event that is on the onset of psoriasis.

Dermatosis can have many bad skin conditions like hives, rashes or eczema. A study found in the year 2001 discovered that itchiness was associated to dermatosis and it enhanced emotional issues.

Itchiness associated to dermatosis increased with emotional distress. It was discovered that people with these conditions experienced more psychiatric conditions.

Psychiatric disorders with some dermatological symptoms. These may be self inflicted and can include nail biting, hair pulling and tongue biting.

There are also some dermatological disorders that have psychiatric symptoms. These may be some emotional issues such as anti-social behaviour due to a current skin issue.

Exercsie lessens the generation of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol. It enhances the endorphin production. The hormones place us in a nice mood and lessen the pain.

There are some aspects that will make you relax and lessen your stress.

The finest form of exercise is swimming. You may have excessive fun in the water and get healthy. Swimming is a fine sport and it will not be hard on your joints.

Meditation is one more means to lessen the stress levels in your body. This method is quite easy. You may find a quiet room and sit with a nice posture. You may then clsoe your eyes and repeat a phrase that inspires you. It can be something such as I feel peaceful or I am contented. You may breathe in a rhythm and avoid any distracting thoughts.

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