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The Most Popular Sports For Kids

It is a question that has troubled parents from many generations. There are various slang terms to activities that parents want to try to keep with the interests of their kids and the similar aspect is for the sports.

There are some staples such as basketball and soccer that always flash in our minds. There are some less popular sports that are very famous such as skateboarding in the 1990s. There has been enrollment of youth in sports for more than a three year period to view some of the activities and the outcomes may come as a surprise to you.

Trail Running

You may find a trail and run on it and it appears very easy.

Roller Hockey

Roller hockey topped trail running by a tenth of a percent and has grown to 40.3 percent.


The enrolment of youth in squash increased by 43.6 percent from the year 2011 to 2014.

MMA for fitness

Many of the children are facing the challenge as MMAs for fitness enrolment gets enhanced by 44.7 percent.


The enrolment for youth Rugby enhanced by 50.2 percent in the span of three years.

Boxing Competition

It appears as though the children like this game very much. This game rose by 71.1 percent.


There has been an active participation in this game by 72.3 percent. Many of the children like biking, swimming and running into an active lifestyle.


MMA for competition rose by 73.4 percent between the year 2011 and 2014.

Adventure Racing

Adventure racing has elevated by 97 percent. It is a great sport that has trekking, paddling, climbing etc.

Stand Up Paddling

It is the fast developing sport for the children and active participation has increased by 140 percent.

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