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Emotional Intelligence: Things You Should Never Apologize For

Several people may say “I am sorry” for various aspects that need not an apology like asking for assistance. Women may be guilty of this aspect. How many times you can see a women say sorrying for feeling, speaking or daring to exist? We usually say to ourselves and the entire world that who we actually are is not right. This may prove to be detrimental to our own self-esteem. It may mention to others that it is right. Our opinion is not so relevant that we apologize for having one.

It is quite all right not to be aware of many aspects, but we need to use our emotional intelligence and not say sorry so often. You need to mention something positive and try to accept it. People often say sorry even for something like that the house is in such a bad shape.

One mentions that – I am not a dog or a cat person

Well, you do not have to be that person. You never have to apologize for the way you are.

You are tired

In case you feel very tired when you woke up early in the morning and worked all the day long and then prepared a tasty meal, you really deserve a medal for this.

Sorry, I disagree

This expression is just the opposite of its effect. To say sorry for a disagreement can cause a conflict rather than expressing your opinion with confidence. When you say sorry, you know that something is not right somewhere and there may be some varied opinions. If you leave out ‘I am sorry’, it will surely tell about the disagreement which is natural.

It will be good to seek some help always. We do this from time to time. To say sorry for this aspect, we tell others that it is not accepted to ask for assistance. You may ask for some assistance with pride and feeling of thankfulness. You have to motivate other people to do the same thing.

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