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Self Development: 20 Websites Helping You to Develop Life Skills

Are you trying to learn new skills this year? You can forget some of the conventional curriculums. The future of learning is totally online and you can learn some new aspects anytime and anywhere.

If you want to learn a new language, to learn technology or business tips, there are some best websites and tools to learn the new aspects online.

Free creative classes

You have to take some innovative classes from the world renowned experts. You can learn new aspects about photography, business, negotiation, marketing etc.


It is the finest resource for knowing trading stocks, market analysis and free trading simulators.

Bigger Pockets

This is the premier social network for understanding and learning regarding real estate investing.


There are some elaborate details of what it is about developing a prosperous business. It is a great show for the businessmen in making the top most business leaders to listen to their story.

General Assembly

There are some in person and online classes in order to learn marketing, coding, business and many other aspects.


The projects and online classes can really lead to your creativity.

Foreign languages


You may learn a language for free.


You may utilize flashcards to learn vocabulary.


It is your individual trainer for languages.


Khan Academy

This academy has more than 1500 video lessons that cover all the aspects like fundamental mathematics and algebra to differential equations, chemistry, physics, biology and finance.


There are many universities like Yale, Stanford and MIT that provide slide shows, lectures, films and audiobooks via iTunesU. The science segment has various contents on topics that include biology, astronomy, agriculture and ecology.


There are free online courses from the finest universities in the world and that include Berkeley, Harvard and MIT.



It provides various lessons to learn like coding apps, HTML, developing websites and other things.


You can earn a Nanodegree that is recognized by the industry leaders and get access to the top notch online courses.


You may take some free online classes from more than 120 top class universities and educational organizations that include Yale, Stanford and Princeton.


It is a LinkedIn company that provides courses to learn new aspects like software, business skills and creative.


You can easily learn how to code for free. It is a powerful medium to learn coded languages.

One month

This course provides personalized coding lessons on different topics that are designed to be finished in thirty days.

Health and Fitness


You may get guided meditation practice in just less than ten minutes.

Body building

You can get fitness, nutrition and workout tips by experts who are online.

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