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Mind-Blowing Psychological Facts You Need to Know

There are some important psychological facts that you need to be aware about yourself.

People have got a tendency to miss some big changes in their visual sphere. This has been exhibited in several experiments. It means something in case you are designing a site or a computer screen. It implies that you may assume that something is on the screen and makes one alteration on it.

People may not be aware that they are searching for a varied screen. If something occurs in the visual field, it does not imply that people know about it.

You may read quickly with a line length but prefer shorter

Did you decide how broad a column of text you have to utilize on a screen? You may use a broad column with 100 characters per line or a narrow column that has got fifty characters per line.

It is that the answer that depends if you really want people to read quickly or if you need them to like the page. According to research 100 characters per line is the best length for on screen reading speed. It is not People tend to read quickly with longer line lengths at least 100 characters per line and some of them want a short or a medium line length of 45 to 72 characters per line. The line length averages from thirty nine characters per line.

The research exhibits that people can go through one single broad column quickly in comparison to the multiple columns. They like multiple columns. When you ask people what they like they will mention several columns with short line lengths.

You may know only three or four aspects at one time

Ones who have got some user experiences for some years have known the phrase Magic Number 7 Plus or Minus 2. This refers to the urban legend. According to a research it exhibited that people can memorize from five to nine aspects. People can actually process seven plus or minus two types of information at one time.

You may know about three or four aspects and when they fade away from your memory then you may repeat them again and again. It may be when you are driving your car and interacting on your mobile phone and a person provides you a number to call, you may not have a pen handy and you are driving.

You have to remember the number in order to hang up from one call and then dial the new number. You need to repeat the number again and again. One nice aspect about the phone numbers is that they may be more than three or four numbers long. They are not easy to memorize for more than twenty seconds.

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